Redken Blondage High Bright Treatment Spray 250ml

Redken Blondage High Bright Treatment Spray 250ml

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“Blonde High Bright – Treatment”

Blondage High Bright is REDKEN's answer for clients with blond hair that loses luminosity and shine between salon visits. Combined with the pre-shampoo and the conditioner, this new range allows the blond to remain clear and shiny. KEY INGREDIENTS: Vitamin C: known for its brightening benefits in skin care
Brightening Care Complex: corrective formula that removes any pollution that may dull hair color. Chelators: remove impurities from the hair, such as metals and ions. Both of which can give the appearance of dull, dull hair. Blondage High Bright – a 3-step system for lightening blonde hair. The range of pre-treatment, shampoo and conditioner work together to remove residue, lighten hair color and add shine instantly. 92% of stylists found brighter blonde with just one use! All three formulas in the system contain vitamin C, known for its brightening benefits in skin care, as well as chelators. The Blondage High Bright System is powered by REDKEN's Brightening Care Complex, which contains effective ingredients to ensure blondes are brightened AND cared for. It is a corrective treatment, which means it instantly removes pollution and product buildup without altering the tone. Pretreatment is the strength of Blondage High Bright, with the highest percentage of chelating agents of the three formulas. It acts like a magnet removing pollutants and dulling agents from the hair to create a perfect canvas for cleaning. The shampoo then emulsifies with the pre-treatment to rinse away sand and dirt, and the conditioner nourishes blonde hair to leave it soft and shiny.


STEP 1: PRE-TREATMENT: Spray pre-treatment from roots to ends. Leave on for 5 to 10 minutes. Do not rinse. STEP 2: SHAMPOO: Apply shampoo. Rinse. STEP 3: CONDITIONER: Apply conditioner from mid-lengths to ends. Rinse.


Instantly brightens. Brings shine. Nourishes the hair. Enriched with vitamin C.

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